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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What products does Rent A Bathroom have?

A: Rent A Bathroom have products to suit many uses, markets and locations including:

Q: How long can I hire a mobile bathroom, slimline portable ensuite, portable bathroom, portable shower or portable toilet for?

A: There is a minimum but no maximum time. Contact Rent A Bathroom for details and confirmation.

Q: Who do I contact?

A: Call Rent A Bathroom : 0409 783 399, email Rent A Bathroom, or ask us about your general enquiry or hire enquiry.


Q: Where does Rent A Bathroom deliver to?

Q: Does Rent A Bathroom deliver on Saturdays?

A: If you are having an event over the weekend, Rent A Bathroom aim to deliver on Friday, before your event and pick-up on Monday, after your event.

Sites and Location

Q: Can the mobile bathroom fit in my yard?

A: If there is enough access room beside the house or building and the mobile bathroom can fit underneath the carport or garage, Rent A Bathroom will attempt to place the unit in your yard.

Q: Do you require a site inspection?

A: Most of the time we don't require a site inspection. However, in some instances we will require a site inspection to determine the appropriate access or even offer a more suitable unit from our product range (see above).

Q: Can I move the portable toilets to a different position in my yard?

A: No. The driver selects the best position for the most reliable operation and access for removal, while trying to best meet your requirements.

Q: Why can't I move the units after they have been positioned?

A: Most of the time, this is a weight issue. When empty, units are relatively easy to move. However, when full, the units can be very heavy and very difficult to move, lift and load onto vehicles.

Services and Connections

Q: What if I have no water near by?

A: Water can be pumped in from a near-by water tank. Gravity feed from a water tank is another option. A filter for a near-by dam or river can be supplied with a pump. Ask us if you have any questions relating to your services.

Q: What if I have no sewer connections nearby?

A: Portable waste holding tanks with 1000 litre capacity can be used when sewer or septic tanks are unavailable. They can also be daisy chained if required. Your local liquid waste operator can empty the tanks or you can use Rent A Bathroom pump-out service.

Q: What happens if I have no power available?

A: Rent A Bathroom mobile bathrooms, slimline portable ensuites and portable buildings require a minimum 5KVA portable generator when in remote location with no mains or domestic power available.


Q: Does Rent A Bathroom take credit card payments?

A: Yes. There is a 2% surcharge on ALL credit card transactions.

Q: What other payment options are there?

A: Rent A Bathroom preferred payment options: Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS and Credit Card (2% surcharge on all credit cards transactions)


Q: Do I have to be home when you pick-up the units?

A: No. Not unless there are special requirements for locked gates and animals.

Q: When does Rent A Bathroom pick-up units after a hire?

A: Rent A Bathroom aim to pick-up our units on the Monday after your event. NOTE: for longer term hires, YOU MUST contact Rent A Bathroom at least 48 hours prior to finishing the hire. The unit is considered on-hire until the customer contacts Rent A Bathroom.

Q: When is a Rent A Bathroom hire considered finished?

A: A hire is considered finished when you notify Rent A Bathroom unless prior arrangements have been made.


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Call Rent A Bathroom : 0409 783 399, email Rent A Bathroom, or ask us about your genral enquiry or hire enquiry.
Rent A Bathroom preferred payment options: Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS and Credit Card (2% surcharge on all credit cards)

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