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Extra Guests Staying Over? Your great venue needs more capacity?

Home, parties, garden weddings, corporate functions, golf courses, smaller venues etc…


Ideal when simply being a responsible host and allowing party goers, friends and relatives to stay over after large family gatherings, Christmas parties, garden weddings, parties or BBQ’s. Or if you simply want everyone around and the number of guests out number your current facilities… Rent A Bathroom can hire mobile bathrooms, portable toilets and portable showers that will be perfect for you and your guests.

Venue Managers

If you have a venue that is intimate and special enough to make your function or event incredible special, unique and memorable, but the amenities can’t cater for the number of guests on your list, Rent A Bathroom.

Key Features

  • Largest fleet of mobile bathrooms in Victoria
  • Brand new fleet of portable toilets and portable showers available
  • We set-up before your party begins or guests arrive
  • We pack-up and remove after your party or guests have left
  • We can position the units almost anywhere for your convenience and requirements

Pump Out Servicing for Portable Chemical Toilets and Waste Holding Tanks

  • Portable chemical toilets are fully self contained and do not need to be connected to external services.
  • Portable waste holding tanks are emptied by Rent A Bathroom at the end of your hire.
  • Arrangements can be made to service portable toilets and waste holding tanks during longer term hires, large and busy functions.

Portable Waste Holding Tanks

Ideal when sewerage or septic services are too far away, on rural and remote sites, for environmentally sensitive sites:

  • Aesthetic appealing, Black 1000 litre portable waste tanks
  • Can be daisy chained, connecting more than one together for larger events or longer duration hires
  • Portable holding tanks will require a pump out service from Rent A Bathroom or your local operator

Transport and Delivery

  • Rent A Bathroom deliver our mobile bathrooms, portable bathrooms, portable ensuites, portable toilets and portable showers.
  • If needed, Rent A Bathroom will lower and position the units using our crane.
  • However, you can lower and position Rent A Bathroom units from our truck with your forklift (insurance requirements / contracts need to be signed accepting responsibility for any damage).
  • Rent A Bathroom delivery drivers have the final decision on positioning to ensure proper operation and safety.
  • Rent A Bathroom will pick up and deliver the units unless previous arrangements have been made (delivery charges apply).

Contact Rent A Bathroom

0409 783 399

Rent A Bathroom preferred payment options: Direct Deposit and Credit Card (2% surcharge on all credit cards)

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Our Clients
"Very helpful and easy to deal with, it arrived on time. The porta-loo was spotless, and they took it away when they said they would. No fuss at all. I couldn't ask for much more than that. Thanks guys."

Ian Whitehead

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